Sunday, February 14, 2010

BSA Shortbase Speedy

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alternative textThe final product, our freshly restored BSA Shortbase Speedy.


  1. Bella pezzi di macchina!!
    J Ullfig

  2. That is beautiful, guys

    Well done.
    Did you chrome or nickel-plate the shiny bits?

    You have really done justice to an important bike

    cheers, Al

  3. The bike has a mix of Nikel-plate and chrome. Now I look back I should have nickeled the whole lot. But the life span of chrome is to hard to pass up.

  4. How did you prepare the parts for the chroming/Ni-plating? I went through all this a year ago, and couldn't persuade a metal polisher in Napier to do the job - they said the metal was too pitted, so I ended up getting it sprayed silver which was, as expected, not quite 'the thing', old PatherRacerChap!

    But you have an excellent finish, so what is the secret?

    And when are we having the first All-NZ PathRacer race meet?

    cheers, Al

  5. We use a Christchurch based company called Escort Metal Finishers. 21 Maldon St, Christchurch, New Zealand Phone (03) 366 2708. Great service and fast turn-around.

  6. that geometry!
    its like a reverse mullet; business at the back (super tight) and party in front (Heaps of fork rake)
    very nice resto Bishop- what are the hubs; vintage fixed? and the rims; velocity?

  7. Hubs are BSA, using a fixed rear with flip-flop gearings. Wheels are vintage wooden rims

  8. I think this is the frame I found years ago at Oxford.
    Originally only the seattube and stays.
    I gave Jack King some tubing and a head tube and this is what it became.
    It always intrigued me what its original use was.
    You have made an awesome job of finishing it.
    Love the site.

  9. Why don't they make those adjustable stems and seatposts nowadays!!

  10. hi,
    i' valentino
    from italy,
    is possible to find a frame (also to restore) of this kind of path racer?
    some of you can help me?