Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1909 B.S.A. Update

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alternative textCheck out the full brushed steel look on the BSA Speedy, hand polished frame and components. Completion images to follow shortly.


  1. I think Anton can answer this one, Mr Mogridge any date set?

  2. Great website, guys!
    Where are you finding all these old BSAs? Are they in Chch? I know you have a lot of old bikes still down there.
    A year ago I did up a BSA as a 'replica' pathracer. In is in storage in Napier while I am in the UK for a year, but it will be back in action later this year. I would love to date it, but my best guess is 1920s. Do you have any knowledge of serial numbers for BSAs?
    I have another 28" bike in NZ, bought off trademe while I was over here in UK, so I haven't seen it yet. I bought it specifically to get the Major Taylor stem that it sports. Once that is fitted to the BSA, it should look pretty good.
    I have had a new 28" Westwood rim built onto a 3 speed coaster-brake German Sachs hub, which will probably go on the bike too. It is a 1938 hub, and I don't know how that ended up on an old English BSA out in NZ...
    The hub has a top-tube shifter like the old English bikes, and although not a pathracer feature, I will probably go with it, as much to get improved braking as to get 3 gears. The current single speed coaster hub (Eadie) barely brakes at all, whereas the internals of the Sachs looked pretty good when stripped.

    If you are interested, I could send a photo of the Beezer to add to your site.

    Keep up the good work!

    Cheers, Al

  3. here is a link to a website with some relevance to early BSAs


    enjoy, cheers, Al

  4. Hi Al, we would love to see some pics of your bikes. Send them our way: jeffrey.docherty@gmail.com

    Also, we are about top shoot some of our new bikes in a photo studio, so check back soon for pics.